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Amy’s Kitchen: Leading the Way in Vegan Cuisine


With World Vegan Day coming up on November 1st, there’s no better time to explore the wide array of vegan options from trailblazing brand Amy’s Kitchen. From tasty Organic Vegan Bean & Cheeze Burritos to Margherita Pizza, Amy’s offers over 120 meat and dairy-free dishes to satisfy any craving.

“Whether or not consumers choose to go vegetarian or simply want to incorporate more plants into their diets when they choose Amy’s Kitchen, they can count on the best ingredients,” says Fred Scarpulla, Amy’s chief culinary officer. With over half of adults expressing curiosity about plant-based eating, Amy’s is on a mission to “feed that curiosity with delicious, organic vegetarian meals.”

So, what does it mean to go vegan? The vegan diet omits all animal products like meat, dairy, eggs, and honey. Many vegans also avoid leather, fur, and products tested on animals. To ease the transition, Amy’s shares vegan recipes on their website and makes fan-favorites like Broccoli & Cheeze Bake using their own dairy-free “cheeze.”

The health and environmental advantages of veganism are clear. Studies show vegan diets can improve heart health, aid weight loss, and reduce cancer risk by cutting saturated fat and cholesterol. A 2019 review found that plant-based eating lowers cardiovascular disease and mortality. High meat and dairy intake have been linked to chronic illnesses like colorectal cancer. The planet benefits, too, with good diets generating 75% fewer emissions than high-meat diets.

Beyond food, Amy’s is on a mission to make packaging completely compostable or recyclable – currently, 75% of products meet this eco-friendly standard.