Guidelines an EMS Fitness Studio and Gym must follow

In recent years, electromyostimulation training has gained widespread acceptance as a very effective method for quickly improving physical fitness, performance, and general health. Study findings demonstrate that whole-body EMS outperforms high-intensity training (HIT), a particularly intense training method for building muscles and bones. Many people are unable or unwilling to engage in HIT because of the significant mechanical stress and orthopedic limitations it entails.

People from science, education, and equipment manufacturers came together in a consensus meeting to produce these suggestions. They are meant to be used in conjunction with WB-EMS in the future. Users and fitness studio owners and trainers are not the only ones targeted by these products.

Whole-body EMS safety and efficacy may be ensured by following these essential criteria 

WB-EMS training should only be performed by competent and licensed WB-EMS trainers or by scientifically trained personnel who are familiar with the application field.

Before the first training session, every beginner must undergo a complete anamnesis to rule out possible contraindications based on questions. The findings must be documented in writing, validated by the client’s signature, and preserved. Training begins only when a doctor has approved when relevant anomalies are detected and contacted.

Making Preparations for the Training Program

There should be no discomfort or pain while doing whole-body EMS Training in Dubai, as with any other strenuous physical training. Pre-workout preparation involves avoiding alcohol, illicit drugs, stimulant/muscle relaxants, and stress. A person who has a fever should not engage in any physical activity.

The organism is put under a great deal of metabolic stress during whole-body EMS training because of the vast amount of muscle mass that is being targeted. Consider this component, and it may be handled by ensuring that a suitable quantity of carbohydrates is ingested each day. Before working out, the minimum amount of time is at least two hours before you have a high-carbohydrate but low-calorie snack (250 kcal).


Under no circumstances will WB-EMS give instruction to any user, regardless of their current physical condition, previous athletic experience, or expressed intention to participate in any sporting event. During the first training session of the season, which is also known as trial training, athletes work themselves to exhaustion. It must be avoided at all costs since it has already resulted in undesirable side effects and negative health consequences.

After a gentle initial WB-EMS therapy, the stimulation strength or current must be progressively increased to get the desired effects for each individual. The highest possible level should be reached as soon as possible, ideally after 8 to 10 weeks of intense training. Overtraining should be avoided at all costs, mainly if it results in severe and long-lasting tetanus during the current period.

The exercise frequency should not exceed one unit per week during the first 8 to 10 weeks to ensure proper fitness and decrease or rule out any health issues.

The four-day interval between training units must be maintained even after the conditioning phase has been completed to minimize the accumulation of muscular breakdown products, enable regeneration and adaption, and ensure a satisfactory training outcome. 

Related To Safety When And When Not In Training

As a trainer or a skilled employee, the trainer should focus only on the user’s individual requirements and interests throughout a training session (s). Before, during, and after the training session, the trainer examines the user’s physical and mental health to ensure that the training is safe and effective. You must immediately cease activity if there are any medical reasons not to do so.

Trainers and trainees must easily access the equipment’s operating controls during training. Simple, quick, and precise requirements for every procedure or adjustment.

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